Meet The Team

Meet The Heavy Hitters



Glenn Doney

  – Co-Founder & Pro Staffer – Current City: Beaverton, Or

Glenn has lived his whole life in Oregon. While doing so he has spent time living on nearly every terrain Oregon has to offer. Glenn grew up in the small town of Glendale in Southern Oregon, and finished high school on the coast in Waldport. He has also spent a few years in the Beautiful mountain town of Bend, and now resides in Tigard, a suburb of Portland Or. Glenn enjoys all kinds of outdoors activities but his passion is fishing and especially hunting. If you are to ask him what his favorite type of hunting is, you will get a two part answer. He loves bow season for elk. For him, he explains hunting elk with a bow is as close to being spiritual as he will get .

Glenn says, “Nothing makes you feel more alive than a bull elk bugling just a few yards in front of you.” However; that being said he will also tell you he loves duck hunting for the pure fun of it. Duck hunting’s great because unlike elk hunting there is no pressure or stress to get meat in the freezer. The best part is the comradery that you get in the blind spending time just B.S.’ing with friends, and watching his dog Kona work.  Glenn is an old school hunter in the fact that his first priority is the gain of the meat. He is not one to pass up on an animal simply because his antlers aren’t the biggest. He knows the animal you pass up for the trophy might just have you making trips to the grocery store all year. Glenn will tell you his ultimate goal and or dream is to have the trophy buck or bull on the wall at then end of the season. However he also says “If you are hunting just for a trophy then you are hunting for the wrong reasons.” Most all of Glenn’s hunting knowledge and ethics has been passed down from his father Ron and Uncle Kelly.

His favorite tv shows are MeatEater with Steven Rinella because as Glenn puts it “Finally a program that will show you that hunting is hunting, not farming.” He also loves survival shows such as Man vs. Wild, Man Woman Wild, and Dual Survival. On more than one occasion Glenn has been heard saying. “If I didn’t have bills to pay I would love to be dropped in the middle of no where, with nothing but a knife. Just to see what I’m made of.” Hometown: Glendale, Or



Brad Cantrell

Pro Staff – Current City: Clatskanie, Or

He was born and raised in the Northwest. Although Oregon is his state of residency you would think by talking to him there isn’t anywhere he hasn’t hunted, fished, or traveled to. Brad has worked as a full time Guide, Cameraman, Seminar Speaker, Archery Technician and Prostaffer for many years in the outdoor industry. He is a Veteran of the United States Navy and is a huge supporter of many Organizations that support and work with Veterans and the outdoors. With calling wildlife as a huge part of Brad’s passion, He has several calling competition titles in Elk, Turkey and Waterfowl in both team and individual competitions. Brad also has a huge passion for fishing and spends his free time with friends and family fishing the Columbia River, Pacific Ocean and Snake River for Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Sturgeon and most all Panfish. As anAvid Archery hunter, Brad enjoys hunting most all big and small game, but you can surly bet you have his undivided attention when you start talking Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule and Blacktail Deer, Waterfowl, and Big Ol’ Gobblers. He also has been fortunate enough to harvest several Pope and young qualifying animals.

Brad feels very fortunate to have accomplished so much in his outdoor career. He has found it to be the biggest reward and accomplishment of all to be able to share it with his 3 kids, Elizabeth, Easton and Timber Ann. As a huge believer in “take a kid hunting” He has mentored many kids in the outdoors and wouldn’t give it up for the world. Every year he participates in the mentored youth program and will tell you “Getting our youth involved in hunting and fishing is so very important for the future of the outdoor lifestyle, animals, and their habitat, not to mention the health of our kids”. He will also express to you and could never give enough thanks to all his friends and family who have supported him. Brad is Proud to be apart of the “Heavy Hitters Outdoors” Team and is committed to bringing you the most action packed outdoor television show that will keep everyone on the edge of your seats!! Hometown: Clatskanie, Or


Colton Myres

Pro Staff /Field Producer – Current City: Eddyville, Or

Born and raised in the coastal climate of the Oregon Coast, Colton Myres gained a love for the outdoors at a young age with all the fishing and hunting a guy could ask for. Colton was brought up hunting and fishing by his family, father Brad Myres along with Colton’s grandfather and uncles. The love continued to grow as he got older and wanted to share his eye for the outdoors. He picked up is first DSLR camera at the age of 13 and worked at his talents from there. He was lucky enough to have his photographs on display at a museum in Lincoln City. From there Colton purchased a couple video cameras and started the self taught learning curve. Colton grew up as a rifle hunter but has switched over to archery hunt elk for the past few years. He has a serious passion for hunting. Especially for the grey ghost of the west. As the team’s Field Producer, Colton oversees all A/V action which is not an easy task and is constantly filming. Hometown: Toledo, Or


Brandon Sullivan

Pro Staff /Lead Cameraman – Current City: Tigard, Or

Brandon is a person of many trades.  He currently makes a living by doing taxidermy and also works as a guide and outfitter in Alaska and Mexico.  He is a true outdoorsman and takes great pride in his work.  Brandon is primarily a bow hunter with some great kills under his belt but he is currently developing an interest in muzzleloader hunting.  He also enjoys hunting down predators.

 Brandon has been hooked on everything outdoors since he went camping at Detroit Lake with his dad at 6 years old and caught his first rainbow trout.  He remembers helping his dad skin a black tail buck in the garage that same year.  He tagged along with his dad for a few years developing his natural skills in the woods.  He started rifle hunting as soon as he completed hunter’s safety program at age 12.
Brandon’s favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing and photography.  He enjoys watching football and UFC. He is a father of 3 kids, 2 daughters and a son.  He loves sharing his passion for the outdoors with them and hopes that they will follow his love for the outdoors as they grow older.

Hometown: Portland, Or


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